FLEXIDOME Panoramic camera

Bosch FLEXIDOME Panoramic 5100i (IR) cameras offer a 360-degree overview in a single image without blind spots and feature built-in AI and machine learning to support predictive solutions for many commercial applications. A built-in microphone array captures audio from any direction.

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PRAESENSA Ambient noise sensor monitors (new)

The new Bosch PRAESENSA Ambient noise sensor monitors changes in ambient noise and instructs PRAESENSA to adjust the volume of announcements or background music levels with automatic volume control. This ensures the public address audio is set at a configurable level above the ambient noise in order to guarantee intelligibility of announcements, yet at a comfortable level.

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Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 M

Meet Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50M – professional performance, column convenience.

Building on the features users love in the EVOLVE series, #EVOLVE50M introduces the new QuickSmart Link digital audio and control technology (connect two 50M systems – double your mic/line inputs and mix the whole band via the app), along with an onboard mixer, DSP and effects, so there’s no need to bring additional gear to the gig.

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